How to access tech support



Q: Can I use Wix and/or Velo logos as part of my project?
A: Yes you can with the following restrictions:

  1. The logos should be used as-is, unmodified, no changes.
  2. The logos can only be used as part of the Hackathon. They cannot be used outside the hackathon.
  3. The logos can't be used alongside any content that violates our Terms of Use. Nothing obscene (such as weapons, pornography, etc.)

Q: Can I use Creative Commons or other assets?
A: Yes as long as you are following the license for that asset and are allowed to use it.

Q: Do I need to purchase a Wix account to participate?
  No. However if you want to use Custom Elements you’ll need to login to our Discord, fill out this form, and then tag @TumasCodes#1431 or @anthonyl#8733 on Discord so we can enable them for you.

Q: How do I get a badge for participating in the Hackathon?
A: We’re giving everyone who joins the hackathon a special role on our Discord. Join the hackathon and fill out this form to get it.